PROM Page changes

June 2011
The (P)PROM Page is temporarily up in the old looks at after a server crash at june 3:rd. The pages will be re-made and the stories database is saved and will be restored.

August 2008
A (P)PROM group was created at Facebook, welcome to join!
The (P)PROM group at Facebook

March 2008
700 PROM Stories are published.

October 2007
A free forum was set up, as a community backup to the Kanalen server.
The PROM Forum

December 2005
Articles at the PROM page are edited for the Sidelines magazine.

November 2005
The free service at Hosted Forums crashed, and our PROM Message Board was wiped away. They were not able to restore any of the database. All members ( about 70 ), pictures and postings (about 150) is gone. As there was some time put into getting the board working for our purposes, that work will need to be done all over again. As for now, it will have to wait. Maybe we will give the board another try later on.

September 25 2005
A new article is launched: “Preparing for a PROM Preemie“.

A Message Board is created, and will be validated within the next 1-3 months. The main purpose of the message board is to provide:
– a decrease in off topic traffic at the PROM mailing list, where the focus is: support.
– a possibility to show pictures in posts.
– a member list where pictures can be uploaded.
– a security backup if the mailserver should malfunction.

July 2005
500 PROM Stories are published.

April 4 2005
The PROM Page has gotten a make over. Content is removed, revised and added. The major changes in brief:

  • New layout with easier navigation.
  • New sections:
    – New to PROM
    – Preparing for a perinatal loss
    – Pregnant after PROM
    – About the PROM Page, including pictures of the “staff” and the history behind the PROM page and the PROM mailing list.
  • PROM Stories, new pages:
    – Survival statistics page, based upon data submitted with the PROM Stories.
    – Lists the stories where the pregnant mother was advised to terminate the pregnancy.
    – Twin pregnancies listing page.
  • The PROM List Calendar is closed.
    Reason: Low usage. If we find out that we need it, some work is required to get it working in the new layout.
  • The PROM Forum is closed.
    Reason: Low traffic. If there are question, the PROM community with the mailing list is a faster and better way to get answers. Here you can read the old forum postings.
  • The PROM Survey is closed.
    Reason: Julie is not reachable and there are no updates since 1998.
  • The Guestbook is removed.
    Reason: It is not working anymore, and has no specific purpose.
  • The PROM Chat is (temporarily) closed.
    Reason: The Kanalen chat is not working since the server upgrade. This will hopefully be fixed in the future but as for now we will have to wait.