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The PROM Page staff


Ingrid Renfors, Sweden. Started the PROM Page in january 1998, in frustration over the lack of information. The PROM mailing list came to life june 4 1999.
Anton PROM at 23+6 w del 30+5 w 1/1997
Alex born 11/01 PAP, PROM & del at 37+0 w



The PROM List Co-owner, The PROM Gallery, PROM Stories administrator and former PAP chat moderator.
A member of the PROM list since september 1999.
Nicholas PROM at 21w del at 27w
Bella, born full term



Linda P
Advisor, the PROM list.
A member of the PROM list since june 1999.
PROM: 2 early miscarriages then 1 PROM @ 18 weeks
Delivery:Abraham Perryman b/d at 20 +1 weeks on May 27, 1999
Julia and Edward born at 34 weeks and 5 days



Advisor, PROM list / PROM issues.
A member of the PROM list since May 30 2000.
Christopher Michael PROM at 18 w del at 19.4 w
Zackery Tyler PROM 14.3 w del at 17.2 w
Mathew Ryan PROM at 16 w del at 21.6 w
Nicholas Alan PROM at 19 w del at 25.4 w
Maria Linn, 7 yrs old PROM and delivery 37 w
Joshua Ryan PROM at 15 w del at 23.2 w
Michael Lee PROM at 19.6 w del at 22.4 w
Elizabeth Nichole 2 yrs, PROM 31 w del at 33 w
Deborah Ann 8 months, PROM and del 32.5 w




Former Grieving chat moderator.
A member of the PROM list since Nov 8 2000.
Katheryn in Heaven PROM 16 w del 26 wks 1/2000
Michaela born 7/02 PAP, IC w/cerclage and 16 w bedrest
Jonathan no PROM 1/98




The PROM Page upcoming section “Meaningful music”.
A member of the PROM list since June 17 2004.
Blessing Emma Daniella born f/t at 38w on 2-08-03
Angel Gabriel Christopher, PPROM at 20w+1, b/d at 21w+1 on 4-19-04




The PROM Page sections “New to PROM”, “Loss due to PROM”, “Preparing for a PROM Preemie” and “Pregnant after PROM”.
A member of the PROM list since September 2004.
Natsuhiko in Heaven PROM 18w




The PROM Page Articles, redone for Sidelines magazine: New to PROM, Preparing for a Preemie, Preparing for a Perinatal Loss, Pregnant after PROM.
A member of the PROM list since February 24 2004.
Angela FT and Anthony: amniocentesis & PROM @ 16 wks. Born 31.5 wks 5-18-04. 6 wks in NICU.