After delivery

Caring for your baby after delivery

  • What measures should be taken to keep your baby alive after he or she is born.
  • Whether you would like to see and hold your baby. (See “Seeing and holding your baby” section)
  • Whether you would like to bathe and dress your baby.
  • Whether there are any religious services you would like to have performed, when you would like them performed (before or after your baby is bathed), who should be present, and what mementos you would like to have from the service (photos, video, etc).
  • What mementos you would like to have of your baby, including photographs. (See “Mementos” and “Photographs” section)

Your time as a family

  • Whether you would like the hospital to delay routine procedures until you’ve had a chance to hold your baby for a little while.
  • How much time you would like alone with your baby. The hospital should not give you any time limits. You should be able to take as much time as you need to say goodbye to your baby without feeling rushed.
  • If you want your baby to remain with you in the room, and for how long.
  • How often you want the nurses to come into your room.

After you say good-bye to your baby

  • Whether you would like an autopsy performed. (See “Paperwork” section)
  • Where you would like to spend your post-partum time (some hospitals have a floor for GYN patients away from the sound of babies, if you prefer).


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Article by Kay Squires, with special thanks to Valerie, Holly, and Marion, and the members of the PROM mailing list
January 2005, updated July 2011