You are not required to take photographs of your baby after he or she is born. However your hospital staff and books on perinatal loss will tell you that very few people who have photos taken regret taking the photos, and that it helps during their grieving process. In addition, photos provide lasting memories of your baby and the time you spent together.

If you are at all uncertain about whether you want photos, consider the following:

  • This will probably be your only opportunity to take photos of or with your baby.
  • The hospital staff can take the photos and hold them for you in case you want to see them later.
  • Consider using black and white film since it is not as harsh as color film. Alternatively, color film or digital photos can also be retouched to make them black and white.

Some special photos you may want to take include:

  • Your baby with and/or without clothing.
  • You and/or other family members holding your baby.
  • Photos of the baptism or blessing.
  • Your nurses, doctor, or clergy and you with your baby.
  • Closeups of your baby’s hands and feet.
  • A closeup of your baby’s hand in your hand.
  • A photo of your baby on the scale.


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Article by Kay Squires, with special thanks to Valerie, Holly, and Marion, and the members of the PROM mailing list
January 2005, updated July 2011