Lie low

  • Remain in a position where you leak the least. This may be sitting instead of lying down.
  • Lie on your left side if you are lying down, rather than on your back. If you are uncomfortable lying fully on your left side, lie on your back with a pillow propped up under your right side.
  • Aim for strict bedrest, staying horizontal or in the minimum-leak position as much as possible. Get up only for bathroom breaks or quick showers.
  • In the shower, avoid letting hot water run on your breasts because doing so may stimulate the uterus. Also, sit down if you can (use a plastic lawn chair if you don’t have a seat in your shower).
  • If you are on hospital bedrest, insist on frequent monitoring for cord compression if your amniotic fluid index (AFI) is low (AFI<3).
  • If you are on hospital bedrest, consider using a bedpan or bedside commode instead of walking to the bathroom.
  • If you are on home bedrest and you have small children, follow these guidelines as best you can.

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This information was compiled by the members of the PROM list. Nothing on this page should be taken as medical advice. A doctor should be consulted before undertaking any of the medical treatments or methods recommended by the members of the list.

Article by Kay Squires, January 2005, updated July 2011
Special thanks to the members of the PROM list