Ward off infection

Because your health care practitioner will almost certainly require you to deliver if you develop an infection, here are some ideas that might help prevent infection. Be sure to talk to your health care practitioner about dosage and safety of any supplements.

  • Eat yogurt. Dairy or soy yogurt are both fine as long as they have live cultures. If you don’t like yogurt, take acidophilus or probiotic supplements. If you are taking antibiotics, take them at least one hour, preferably two, before OR after you have the yogurt or acidophilus (otherwise, the antibiotic will kill off all the good bacteria you are trying to build up).
  • Drink unsweetened or fruit-juice sweetened cranberry juice to discourage urinary tract infections. Avoid cranberry juice that is sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup as it may actually encourage the growth of bacteria. Try diluting unsweetened cranberry juice with water or sparkling water. As an alternative, take cranberry capsules with a big glass of water.
  • Avoid caffeine (including chocolate).
  • Use anti-bacterial wet wipes after using the toilet. Remember to wipe front to back.
  • Take Vitamin E, vitamin C, and zinc supplements. Talk to your health care practitioner about dosage.
  • Don´t wear underwear. If you are leaking or spotting, lie on a towel or chuck pad.
  • Avoid sex.


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This information was compiled by the members of the PROM list. Nothing on this page should be taken as medical advice. A doctor should be consulted before undertaking any of the medical treatments or methods recommended by the members of the list.

Article by Kay Squires, January 2005, updated July 2011
Special thanks to the members of the PROM list