Day-to-day guidelines

On the next page is a list of PAP guidelines that we have compiled from the PROM list members’ suggestions and experiences over the years. Taken as a whole, these guidelines represent the most conservative approach to managing a PAP pregnancy, and are especially useful for women who are looking for a comprehensive list of PAP precautions others have found helpful so that they can feel that they are doing everything in their power to prevent recurrence.

Keep in mind, however, that following these guidelines exactly may require a level of caution that is not appropriate or realistic to your situation. Many members of the PROM list have had successful PAP pregnancies by following only those guidelines below that made sense in their circumstances — or even ignoring them all (including the precautions about sex and orgasm). The key is to find what works for you to give you peace of mind. Adapt these guidelines to your needs and constraints, especially if you have small children who require your help and supervision.

You may want to print out these lists and have your health care practitioner check off all the boxes that apply to you.

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