Finding the right health care practitioner

Some health care practitioners are much more proactive with PAP pregnancies than others. Because you have experienced PROM, look for a practitioner who is knowledgeable about high-risk pregnancies (including PAP pregnancies, if possible) and is willing to work closely with you to follow the appropriate standards of care.

The practitioner you select should also be sensitive to the fact that you may be quite anxious in your PAP pregnancy and should be willing to be available to answer questions and to allay any fears that he or she can. Depending on where you live, the practitioner you select may be an obstetrician, a perinatologist, a nurse-midwife, or other type of practitioner.

When choosing your health care practitioner, ask:

  • How much experience do you have treating high-risk mothers?
  • Do you have the necessary equipment to monitor me?
  • Would you be willing to monitor me weekly, bi-weekly, or however often I feel I need to be seen?
  • At what point or under what circumstances would you recommend a cerclage?
  • What testing will you be doing throughout my pregnancy (for infection, cervical weakness, preterm labor)?
  • What measures will you take if my test results indicate a problem?
  • If I experience PROM again, what treatment options will I have?

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Article by Kay Squires & Holly Norman, January 2005, updated July 2011
Special thanks to the members of the PROM list