General guidelines

These guidelines apply to your entire pregnancy, from positive home pregnancy test through delivery.

Everyday Activity

  • No lifting over 10 pounds.
  • Minimal stairs.
  • Limited standing and walking.
  • No housework.
  • No increase in altitude or long car trips.
  • Get lots of rest.
  • No bending.
  • No baths. Sit down in the shower if you can (use a plastic lawn chair if you don’t have a seat in your shower).
  • Use unscented soap.
  • No professional singing (puts undue pressure on the diaphragm and all the muscles around the uterus; singing for fun is fine).
  • Avoid nipple stimulation, including letting hot water run on your breasts in the shower (it stimulates the uterus).
  • No sex or orgasm
  • Use antibacterial wipes after you use the toilet to prevent chances of infection.

Diet & Supplements

  • Get adequate protein in your diet (minimum is 60 grams of protein daily).
  • Minimize sugar intake; reduce intake of carbohydrates.
  • Keep taking your prenatal and folic acid supplements.
  • Take extra Zinc, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, on top of prenatals (ask your health care practitioner for dosage).
  • Drink water (2 to 3 liters per day).
  • Drink unsweetened or fruit-juice sweetened (not corn-syrup sweetened) cranberry juice, or take cranberry capsules to prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Eat yogurt (including soy yogurt with live cultures) or take acidophilus supplements to help your body naturally fight off infection.


  • Monitor for unusual vaginal discharge, urinary tract infections, etc.
  • Monitor for preterm labor
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