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Natasha's Post PROM Story

By Natasha, New York United States
PROM at 15 weeksDelivery at 15 weeks.
Story added: 2010-10-26
I wish I knew then what I know now after reading all of these stories. I had my first prom at 13 weeks with baby's heartbeat still going strong. I was advised that I would have to terminate due to threat of infection. I terminated not knowing that there was any other option. During my second pregancy I had prom at 15 weeks. I was also advised of the same thing. My amniotic fluid level was never checked nor was the baby's heartbeat and I was told that I had to be induced because the baby would not survive. I am feeling so lost now that I did not know that there was even a chance of a survival both times. I trusted in the doctor and thought they would advise me If I had another option. If I knew what I know now I would have fought so hard for both of my babies. I am so scared about getting pregnant in the future but now I know that there are miracles and there is a chance to continue the pregnancy after prom. Please dont let this happen to you. Fight for your baby if at all possible.