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Amy's Post PROM Story

By Amy, Wilton, CT USA
. Delivery at 38 weeks + 4 days.
Story added: 2010-12-17
This is a "Pregnant After PROM" story - with the happiest of endings. We had a healthy, full term baby boy! He was born 10 days before my due date, which was fine by me. I couldn't wait to see him and touch him!! You can read my "PROM at 22 weeks" story to see what we went through in an earlier pregnancy when we lost our twins.

After my PROM pregnancy, which was terminated 3 days after I PROMed, I was advised not to try and get pregnant for 4 months. But all I wanted to do was get pregnant again. It was a long wait. During that time I got acupuncture and took herbs to build up my body again. 5 months later we did another IVF which was unsuccessful. The next month, I miraculously got pregnant on my own but miscarried at 10 weeks, due to slow growth and finally no heartbeat. 2 months later we did another IVF and it took! The doctors wanted to put back 3 embryos, but we insisted on only one since my high risk OB didn't think my body could support a twin pregnancy to full term. The last thing I wanted to do was terminate one of the fetuses if I did get pregnant with twins again. So, I made a deal with God - I said "I'll only put back one embryo instead of three, but you have to do your part and let me have this baby". Well, it worked, we found out I was pregnant and the long, agonizing wait began. I was quite anxious and exceptionally careful for my entire pregnancy.

My doctor recommended only a few changes. First I would take progesterone shots once a week starting at 16 weeks up until 36 weeks. Second, I would see the doctor every 2 weeks until 34 weeks and then every week until I delivered. My doctor didn't recommend Fetal Fibronectin test. I think they did test for vaginal cultures later in my pregnancy, but I can't remember 100%. I also did some additional things differently - I'm not sure if any of them worked but here they are.

- No sex after 16 weeks until 36 weeks, including orgasm
- I quit my job early in my pregnancy and basically didn't do much although we did move to a new house at 7 months so that was stressful! My husband helped me alot and I never lifted anything heavy at all
- No exercise
- No caffeine until after 7 months
- Did not get amnio because my triple screen came back with a low risk number for my age
- No massages - I had a massage a few hours before my earlier pregnancy PROMed, so I was very superstitious about getting massages, although I'm sure this had nothing to do with my PROM

We are so happy to have a now 8-month old bundle of joy who babbles, cruises and generally makes us very joyful every day. I came to this website so often after my PROM and got great comfort and hope from the stories. I really wasn't sure if I would ever have a healthy baby with my history but I did and I'm so grateful! Best of luck in your journey towards parenthood!