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Pam's PROM Story

By Pam Latham, Houston Area USA
PROM at 31 weeksDelivery at 33 weeks.
Story added: 1998-05-03
I had bleeding off and on through entire pregnancy starting at 6 weeks. When I PROMed at 31 weeks, I wasn't sure that is what had happened. I was put in the hospital, where I stayed for 3 weeks receiving the betamethasone shots up until delivery. The hospital I was at was so wonderful that my stay there wasn't so bad, but I did miss my 2 year old and my husband terribly! I, as mostly everyone else who has experienced this, was very thoroughly informed by my OBs, and by the Neonatologists at the hospital. I started having decels at about 32 weeks, and my dr's just kept a closer eye on the baby, but insisted on keeping on with the plan to try to make it to 35-36 weeks.

Finally, the night she was born, her heart rate dropped to 65, and was not coming up for anything! So we rushed in for an emergency c-section, and my husband got there just after she was born. She was so little, that she was only 1 inch longer than a barbie doll! Anyway, she had no complications other than at birth her cord was wrapped so tightly around her neck that my doctor said 5 more minutes and she would have been stillborn. I thank God that he had other plans, because we have been so blessed with a sweet little angel.

John and Pam