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Missy's Post PROM Story

By Missy Coates, West Monroe, LA USA
. Delivery at 40 weeks.
Story added: 2003-06-04
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Well just wanted to pass on hope. When we lost Cody we really believed that was it. Having adopted two children and never expecting to get pregnant in the first place the tramatic experience of losing Cody just seemed like too much we could never hope to become pregnant again. Well two years later here we were again. I was scared to death and must have drove my doctors crazy, but they were always understanding, never made me feel stupid and I enjoy a very boring and uneventful PAP (Pregnancy after prom).

Never any problems in fact we had to induce and break my bag of waters - He had a rather difficult time breaking them. Several hours later and with much skill I had Ryan Matthew vaginally weighing in at 7 lbs 7 oz, with apgars of 8/9.

After this experience I'm happy to say that I have retired from my former career. I was able to take a couple of years off with my first two blessing - but I had to eventually return to work. I am happy to say that we positioned ourselves this time around more premanently. Although I had to return for just a few months I am now a full-time mother and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Thank you God for all your miracles!!
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