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Tammy's Post PROM Story

By Tammy Daugherty, Marion, Va USA
. Delivery at 37 weeks.
Story added: 2003-06-06
I became pregnant again a few months after I had Zachery

and I had a miscarrage at 6 weeks on Oct. 28, 2001. We call our second baby "Peanut". Then we chose to wait a little while before trying again.

The next time I had to have some help getting pregnant but I found out that I was Pregnant again on June 29, 2002.

That was suppose to have been Peanuts due date. Isnt that something!! Well I was scared to death the entire

pregnancy. I cried and worried every day. I prayed and prayed that God would let us keep this precious child here on earth with us. I knew if it was his will thats how it would be. I had to go to the doctor every week and then at the end twice a week every week because my blood pressure went wild. Other than that it was a normal pregnancy.

The reason I went to the doctor so much was to watch my cervix where I had the PPROM before. My doctor was wonderful. I love him to peices!! My cervix was

fine, so we still dont know what caused the PPROM but I know that God has gotten me through all of this.

On Feb 12, 2003 I had a healthy baby boy. I was induced

and he was born 3 weeks early but not because of PPROM. Its was because of my blood pressure. So there is hope that

PPROM will not happen again. I know that it does happen again alot of times and thats why I was so scared but I am

proof that God can answer our prayers if it is his will. He sure answered mine.

So dont give up on having a healthy fullterm baby. Just make sure your Doctor takes good care of you and listens to everything that concerns you. If they dont or if they act like your crazy you need to find another doctor who cares about his or her patients. Nothing is to stupid to ask when you are scared about the life of your child.

Please have hope that all can go well. I know when I lost Zachery I looked for a happy ending after someone had had

PPROM and it was hard to find anything, so thats why I wrote this. Have faith in God and may he bless you all. My new

Baby boys name is Gabriel Frazier Tilson Daugherty, He weighed 9lbs 7ozs and was 20 inches long when he was born. He was a big boy!!! He is just wonderful. I have a web page for my other two babies: 2 8/tammyspage if

you would like to read my entire story. I will have to add my story of Gabe in on it but I havent had time yet. I hope

that I have helped someone!!

Love to all, Tammy

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