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Kristy's Post PROM Story

By Kristy LaFollette, Slidell, LA usa
. Delivery at 37 weeks.
Story added: 2004-12-09
I am writing this story to let everyone know that there is hope of having a baby after having a PROM pregnancy and losing a baby. My story can be found at 17 weeks so I'll give a short history. I had two normal and perfect pregnancies resulting in two beautiful children. My third pregnancy was perfect until 17 weeks when I started losing fluid which lasted until 25 weeks and I delivered a precious 1lb 8oz.little boy who lived over an hour and is now in God's hands. My fourth pregnancy ,a year later, ended in a miscarrige at 6 weeks. I found out in July 2003 that I was pregnant again and was watched very closely by my doctor. I had appointments every week and several ultrasounds. I had no complications during my pregnancy (except gestational diabetes which required insulin) but was told not to exercise and take things easy. On March 12, 2004 (3 1/2 weeks early-Doctor's choice) I gave birth to healthy 8 lb. baby boy! The whole pregnancy I worried about leaking fluid but my prayers were answered and God blessed our family again. Please keep faith in knowing that God's will is always the best even at times when we don't understand. This website was uplifting during my third pregnancy and I hope my story will help all of you who are wondering about pregnancy after PROM. God Bless you all!