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Sharon's Post PROM Story

By Sharon Green, Aldershot England
PROM at 31 weeksDelivery at 31 weeks + 5 days.
Story added: 2007-09-02
This was my first pregnancy and i was so excited.We had been trying for a year and finally we were expecting!.The pregnancy was going great other than a little scare at 7 weeks(spotting)and some neusea.I started to experience braxton hicks at 25 weeks,ide walk a few yards to work then it would start.A tight painless feeling like pulling from underneath.I told my midwife and she said it was practice contractions and not to worry.I carried on didn't have any worries(first baby!).The weeks went by,i reached 30 weeks and the baby was moving alot which was so reassuring.My husband and i went to my aunt and uncles for the weekend and meet up with my cousin.He has always had the ability to make me laugh until i can't breath and that day was no exception!.Everyone told him to stop it or i would go into labour,little did they know what would happen later.We traveled home on the train quite happily and were looking forward toward our first anti-natal class that evening.When i got home i needed the toilet.I stood up and felt suddenly like ide wet myself.i changed,then it happened again.It did cross my mind that was becoming incontinant! or it could actually be my waters.I instinctly phoned a midwife as i was concerned about being late for the class! i mentioned the water loss and she said,you need to get yourself to hospital now, it could be your water breaking.I didn't realise the seriousness of it and didn't even pack a bag,thinking i would be home later.We even went on a bus to the hospital!!.When i arrived and they took me to the delivery room,then i was scarred.I was not ready to have the baby.My husband was obviously worried but he was making me laugh,he could see i was fretting now.i was examined and it was confirmed that it was indeed my waters.They said i could have the baby today!.i was admitted and my temp and b/p and water loss was monitered.We were shown around the scbu and were a little shocked and scarred but i feel looking back we coped really well.I was on the normal labour ward for 5 days and i started to get really rosie cheeks and hot flushes,little did i know i was in early labour.I had a very mildback ache and put it down to sitting on the bed for long periods.Sacha who was in the next bed with prom aswell(she's still a good friend)advised me that i should tell the midwife.I did and she conirmed early labour.She made me feel really at ease and i was suprisingly calm.My husband rushed to the hospital with bed hair!(it was 6 in the morning).I really enjoyed the early stages of labour and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.I had a lovely midwife that reasured me that our baby would be like a tiny tears doll and would look like a normal term baby,just small. i really didn't know what to expect.My contractions became stronger and then whole lot of doctors came into the room and i had a big audience awaiting our little ones arrival.They warned us she might be whisked away.Chloe ellen green was born weighing 3IB 12 oz at 31+5 weeks screaming her head off which was a relief.She had no problems and no infections no breathing problems.She was in special care for 5 weeks.Now she is a beautiful 5 year old with no effects of her prematurity.We never found out what caused the PROM,my laughing fit? my early braxton hicks.We don't know and probably never will.Looking back and looking at our daughter now we realise how lucky we are and that not all babies make it and our hearts are with those families.