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Ann's PROM Story

By Ann,
PROM at 31 weeksDelivery at 31 weeks + 5 days.
Story added: 2000-01-01
With my second pregnancy I was only pregnant with one baby and my water broke at 31 weeks. My water broke on a Friday and I delivered on the next Wednesday. Those couple of days were wonderful for the baby because I was able to receive two steriod shots to help with the development of his lungs--and it helped tremendously!!

None of the doctors could tell me why it happened. They ran tests for infection and found nothing. My body just wasn't meant to carry babies to term. My third son, Matthew, was born weighing 3lb 4oz. He is now 2 months old and weighs almost 8lb. He got to come home after 6 weeks and is doing wonderful. We are truly blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy babies.

Our family is complete!!!

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