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Mandy's Post PROM Story

By Mandy, Arkansas USA
. Delivery at 38 weeks + 6 days.
Story added: 2010-07-29
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When we decided to have a second baby, I was scared to death. I met with my old OB who told me the recurrence rate was about 30%. She encouraged me to go forward with another pregnancy.

In June 2008, we found out we were expecting again. We were over the moon!

I had a big philosophical shift after my first child's birth and decided I wanted to have a homebirth VBAC with a midwife. She encouraged me to take vitamin C to build a strong amniotic sac, a prenatal vitamin, fish oil to grow the baby nice and big, and a probiotic to keep any potential vaginal infections at bay.

My second son was born at home at 38 weeks, 6 days after about 30 hours of labor. My water broke during active labor. It was an amazing experience.