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18 Stories about PROM at 26 weeks

The stories where the baby survived are marked with green, the stories where the babies did not make it are marked with blue. Black means it was a pregnancy with multiples with different outcome for the babies, or that the outcome is unknown.

PROM week Delivery week PROM Days
26 weeks26 weeks. 0
I had a mucously discharge that I thought was abnormal, plus a warm gush of small amount of fluid when I was just lying still. This did not seem like any stress incontineence. W... Read more »
26 weeks26 weeks. 0
Unlike the other stories with happy endings mine went like this. I was on bedrest from about 9 weeks of pregnancy. Doing great, nothing out of the normal happening. I visit... Read more »
26 weeks34 weeks. 56
After a really bad 24 hour stomach flue I woke up around midnight the next night feeling a trickle of something coming out of me which I thought had to be blood but it turned ou... Read more »
26 weeks38 weeks. 84
The pregnancy of my fourth child proved to be the most challenging of all for me and my family. I dealt with hyperemesis that was to last up until the 28th week but fortunately,... Read more »
26 weeks26 weeks. 0
1st baby born in 1995, prom and delivery at 26 weeks - weight 2lb 7oz, Jodie has no problems. PROM #2 >> Read more »
26 weeks26 weeks. 0
2nd baby born in 1997, prom and delivery at 26 weeks -weight 2lb 2oz, Bethany had a right IVH and has developed epilepsy and has mild cerebral palsy. Read more »
26 weeks26 weeks. 0
I was 26 weeks pregnant when I started having really bad pains in my stomach and back at home. This was my first pregnancy and I had no idea that I was having contractions. They... Read more »
Helga & Ben
26 weeks29 weeks. 20
Up until the 26 week mark everything was going as per normal. The little one had been growing well and was as healthy as could be hoped. The only mild concern we had was a routine b... Read more »
26 weeks31 weeks. 35
I will give the short version here. If you want details, you are welcome to visit my blog. I am giving you the link to the first pPROM posts in March, and then you can read su... Read more »
26 weeks27 weeks. 6
after my waters broke at 26wks i was admitted to hospial for 5 days, i was monitored and spoke to a doctor from the scbu, he told me the chances of survival would increase with ... Read more »
26 weeks & 2 days29 weeks & 6 days. 25 Multiples
Now that my twin boys are 9 months old & a healthy 20lbs each, I can finally share my story... When my doctor told my husband & I that we were having twins, we very extremely ... Read more »
Ben & Zoe
26 weeks & 3 days29 weeks & 3 days. 21
Since getting married in September last year Zoë & I have been trying for our 1st child. After many months of trying, Zoë finally became pregnant in April 2002. After ... Read more »
26 weeks & 3 days29 weeks. 18
At 6 AM on a Wednesday morning warm water was running over my legs. Thinking I was dreaming that I had to go to the bathroom I thought that was what I was doing right there in ... Read more »
26 weeks & 3 days34 weeks. 53 Multiples
At 23 weeks it was discovered that our identical twins were suffering from Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Baby A was our recipient and seemed more affected than baby B...he... Read more »
26 weeks & 5 days35 weeks & 7 days. 65
Several weeks into my first pregnancy, I noticed that my underwear was wet everyday. It smelled a bit funny, and I broke out in a rash between my legs. I asked several friends... Read more »
26 weeks & 5 days28 weeks & 3 days. 12
I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy with my first child in 2006. I assumed this would be the same. Being a teacher, my due dated landed in the summer 2 weeks after sch... Read more »
26 weeks & 5 days27 weeks. 3
This was a long awaited pregnancy, everything we ever wanted. The pregnancy was without problem, I did not suffer any of the traditional Inconveniences. Our nightmare started... Read more »
26 weeks & 6 days32 weeks & 3 days. 39
My membranes ruptured on Sept. 14th at 26w6d. I didn't realize that that's what had happened because it was a 'slow leak'. I called the next morning after having woken up wet,... Read more »