Advised to terminate?

If you are being told to induce labor or terminate your pregnancy:

  • If you are NOT showing any signs of infection or active labor and your baby is not in distress, but your health care team is still recommending that you induce labor or terminate your pregnancy, find out how much time you have to decide whether to follow their recommendation. Find out the consequences of not inducing labor or terminating your pregnancy. Take as much time as you need to feel comfortable with your decision.
  • If your health care practitioner has already told you that you have no choice but to induce labor or terminate your pregnancy and you know that your baby will not survive long after birth, click here for guidelines on what to consider before you begin the procedure.
  • If your baby will be taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) immediately after birth, read Preparing for a PROM Preemie.
  • Discuss options for delivery (vaginal or c-section) and pros, cons, and risks of each. Find out whether your health care practitioner or someone else will be attending the delivery, and express your preference for who you would or would not like to have attending you.
  • Begin working on your birth plan. See “Resources” section.

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This information was compiled by the members of the PROM list. Nothing on this page should be taken as medical advice. A doctor should be consulted before undertaking any of the medical treatments or methods recommended by the members of the list.

Article by Kay Squires, January 2005, updated July 2011
Special thanks to the members of the PROM list