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28 Stories about PROM at 14 weeks

The stories where the baby survived are marked with green, the stories where the babies did not make it are marked with blue. Black means it was a pregnancy with multiples with different outcome for the babies, or that the outcome is unknown.

PROM week Delivery week PROM Days
14 weeks24 weeks. 70
Warning this has a sad ending :o( I found out I was pregnant on June 5, 1998, I didn't know I was 14 weeks pregnant at the time. I went to the dr because I thought I was ha... Read more »
14 weeks29 weeks & 3 days. 108
Hello All, This is Tracy from Hong Kong. I got to know this website since I got PROM on 3 June 2000. I had a normal pregnancy and gave birth to a baby girl on 25 May 1... Read more »
14 weeks30 weeks. 112 Multiples
At 14 weeks they determined that I was leaking fluid and I was put on bedrest. At 21 weeks (I think due to the stress of my husbands office wanting to send him to Germany the ne... Read more »
14 weeks17 weeks. 21
On Wednesday May 19, 1999 I was 14 weeks along when I lost all of my amniotic fluid. My husband and I rushed to the ER. Our baby's heart was still beating strong on the ultras... Read more »
14 weeks28 weeks & 5 days. 103 Multiples
After 1 year of infertility treatments, I was pregnant with triplets. At 8 weeks, one of the heart beats stopped and i was left with a twin pregnancy. During this time, I starte... Read more »
14 weeks26 weeks & 4 days. 88
I was both shocked and excited when my wife told me we had a baby on the way only 5 weeks after our wedding. This was my first baby and my wife's second, she has a 12 year old d... Read more »
14 weeks24 weeks & 2 days. 72
We were shocked around New Year's Eve to find out we were pregnant with our 3rd child. Nevertheless, we were excited to be welcoming that baby into our lives. I went skiing Febr... Read more »
14 weeks37 weeks. 161
Well it all started with missing taking the pill one day (just one day!!). I found out I was pregnant at 9 weeks along - although rather shocked, I was also very happy. At 12 ... Read more »
14 weeks14 weeks & 5 days. 5
My pregnancy was pretty uneventful and I was lucky to have no morning sickness. On May 17th I went into work like normal, only had these nagging cramps. Nothing major at fir... Read more »
14 weeks17 weeks & 3 days. 24
this was our 4th pregnancy, our 3 other were very early losses. We found out we were pregnant after using follistim/femara combination as a fertility treatment. We had hemorrhages... Read more »
14 weeks38 weeks. 168
I was pregnant in 2012 , i pprom at 14 weeks they advice me to terminate my pregnancy, i was put on bed rest and gave me antibiotic, my pprom was a fluke as they said and they didnt kno... Read more »
14 weeks32 weeks. 125 Multiples
I had on and off cramping for several weeks in my twin pregnancy. I was not concerned because my doctor had told me to expect cramping as a result of the scar tissue we knew I ... Read more »
14 weeks28 weeks & 2 days. 99
My story started on 10th December 2007 when I was just over 14 weeks pregnant. I was at work walking to the canteen when I felt a gush of fluid in my trousers. I thought it ... Read more »
14 weeks & 2 days34 weeks & 5 days. 143 Multiples
My wife and I counted ourselves lucky when we found out we were pregnant. Better yet we found out we were expecting twins. We were cautious in our hopes for the first 14 weeks ... Read more »
14 weeks & 2 days27 weeks. 89
I woke the morning of June 20th, 2008 and I was soaking wet! I've had two other full-term babies so I was well aware from the smell and the amount of the fluid that my membranes... Read more »
14 weeks & 2 days19 weeks & 5 days. 38
I found out I was pregnant on May 15th, 2015, and everything progressed normally up until week 13. Early that week, I began to have a lot of thick, deep-yellow mucus upon wiping whe... Read more »
14 weeks & 3 days29 weeks. 102 Multiples
I wrote about my pregnancy for the Denver Post. Here is my story. Bittersweet emotions attend birth Grief, joy spring from in vitro twins By Daisy Whitney Speci... Read more »
14 weeks & 3 days19 weeks & 4 days. 36 Multiples
My name is Tony, Tess's husband and I am posting this story for my wife. It rips my heart out to write this story, since I was so hopeful I would be writing it with a different ... Read more »
14 weeks & 3 days32 weeks. 124
At week 14, I was laying in bed when I had a leak. I just got up and went to the hospital and after about a total of 5 minutes in the ER the doctor told me to go home. Everyth... Read more »
14 weeks & 3 days20 weeks & 2 days. 41
Hi my name is Vanessa and Im 38 and have two children 15 and 14 in a previous relationship. I discovered I was pregnant after 10 months of trying and my partner and I were del... Read more »
14 weeks & 5 days21 weeks. 44
This was my second baby, i never thought this would happen to me, all my life i was a normal person, I NEVER GET SICK !. I'm a mother to a 1 1/2 year old Jeanine and i stud... Read more »
14 weeks & 5 days16 weeks & 2 days. 11
On Friday 27th Jan I was taken to hospital by ambulance with major cramps that was thought to be a urinary track infection. I was lying there for 4 and a half hrs before a Dr ... Read more »
14 weeks & 5 days31 weeks & 5 days. 119
It had been a perfectly normal Thursday , I had worked from home, but suddenly started feverish in the evening. My husband was out on a work dinner so I ate early and decided t... Read more »
14 weeks & 5 days27 weeks. 87
I was 14 weeks 5 days pregnant with my second baby when I woke at 4 in the morning to use the bathroom. As soon as I lay back down in bed I felt a gush of fluid. I ran back to t... Read more »
14 weeks & 5 days25 weeks & 2 days. 74
I had bleeding due to SCH from 9 weeks so wasnt really aware that my membranes had ruptured til 17 weeks when a scan showed up no fluid. I refused to terminate and went on bedrest takin... Read more »
14 weeks & 6 days14 weeks & 7 days. 1
We lost our son at 6:15 a.m. July 21, 2001 after PROM. I woke up at 1:30 a.m. Friday morning because something didn't feel right. When I went to the bathroom I felt the gush o... Read more »
14 weeks & 6 days15 weeks & 3 days. 4 Multiples
My husband was born without a vas deferens and I have PCOS. The only way for us to have a baby is via IVF. We did a fresh and a frozen cycle which failed. We did another fresh cycle and... Read more »
14 weeks & 6 days37 weeks & 2 days. 157 Multiples
I lost twins to pprom in 2012. You can find my pprom story here under 14 week pprom. The autopsy showed baby a was actually a girl. Baby b was a boy. In 2013 we tried again and it wa... Read more »