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16 Stories about PROM at 28 weeks

The stories where the baby survived are marked with green, the stories where the babies did not make it are marked with blue. Black means it was a pregnancy with multiples with different outcome for the babies, or that the outcome is unknown.

PROM week Delivery week PROM Days
28 weeks32 weeks. 28
I woke up at 2 am on June 14, 1997 and I felt leaking. This was my first baby and I wasn,t sure if it was amniotic fluid or what? I went back to sleep and woke up at 5am and was... Read more »
28 weeks28 weeks. 0
My water broke one Sunday night while I was watching TV. I had just started my 28th week. I thought I had laughed to hard and leaked urine. I went to the doctor the next morning... Read more »
28 weeks32 weeks. 28 Multiples
This website and email list was a real godsend for me, so I want to take the time to share my story, in the hope that it will help others. First of all, a little backgrou... Read more »
28 weeks30 weeks. 14
I awoke around midnight 28 weeks into my pregnancy. I felt a strange pop and a warm, wet fluid as I sat up. My husband woke up as I was heading to the bathroom. I knew immediat... Read more »
28 weeks33 weeks. 35
Hello, I am new to this site and wanted to introduce myself and share my son's story. We found out we were expecting our second child in August of 2004. Things started out... Read more »
28 weeks31 weeks & 2 days. 23
I already had a 4 year son that I had a normal pregnancy and delivery at 40 weeks. Me and my husband wanted another baby and got pregnant right away. At 9 weeks I started blee... Read more »
28 weeks34 weeks. 42
My water broke @ 28 weeks. (about a week before I was in L&D for contractions)This was my 8th pregnancy/6th child. All 5 others were full term and had no problems. I was ad... Read more »
28 weeks29 weeks & 4 days. 11
My story starts at my 8th baby. I was having a normal pregnancy up to my 24th wk. I started having painful contractions twice a day. I let my doctor know about them and he said... Read more »
28 weeks & 3 days28 weeks & 5 days. 2
My first pregnancy was going smoothly up until week 28. At 28 wks 3 days my water broke. It was a slow leak and I was hoping it was typical fluid loss. 12 hours after I felt ... Read more »
28 weeks & 3 days32 weeks & 3 days. 28
I was leaving home to pick up my 2 year old from creche when I suddenly felt a little water leaking... initially I thought that I had an accident - never would have imagined i... Read more »
28 weeks & 3 days32 weeks. 25
My water broke at 2am on a Wednesday night. My husband was out of town. I had a normal pregnancy up until the point. Went to the ER and was admitted. Spent 3.5 weeks in the ho... Read more »
28 weeks & 4 days31 weeks. 17 Multiples
Carrying triplets was always a lot of work, but at 28.4 weeks I thought my bladder had given out. It turns out that I was leaking fluid. I was admitted to L&D & given steroid shots & ... Read more »
28 weeks & 5 days29 weeks. 2
This was my second premature infant. I had complications due to preterm labor with the first child but did not expirence PROM (altho I did have oligohydramnios) Preterm labor st... Read more »
28 weeks & 5 days29 weeks. 3
My first daughter Beth was born at 31 weeks following my prom at 29 weeks. She spent three weeks in the NICU and came home a healthy baby. We never found out why my seemingly no... Read more »
28 weeks & 5 days29 weeks & 2 days. 4
My sweet Killian's story, Killian was my sixth pregnancy, and my husband and I were hoping he would be the third baby we would be able to bring home with us. I had two early ... Read more »
28 weeks & 5 days29 weeks & 3 days. 5
My waters broke at 2am on Saturday morning. I was 28 +5 weeks pregnant. For some reason I knew straight away what had happened and that it wasn't good. It was probably due to ... Read more »