PROM: The amniotic sac breaks (“the water breaks”) prior to the onset of labor.
PPROM: If the amniotic sac breaks prior to the onset of labor contractions and before the 38th week of gestation.

What is the reason for your visit to the PROM Page?

Hopefully this page can be of some help in the research of finding what causes PPROM, and how to prevent it from happening, or happening again – if it is possible. Here you can read many PROM stories and find information on different situations around PROM, given from women who have experienced PROM. This information page is deliberately built upon the belief that there is a chance of a successful outcome, and that knowledge can help or prevent future PROM babies.

Between countries, hospitals, and doctors treatment or management of PROM are handled differently. Bedrest? Antibiotics? Induction? We are each given different information about our chances for a successful outcome. Very few have found the answer as to why their PROM happened. What is the truth? Becoming pregnant after prom (PAP), brings up many more questions. Join the PROM mailing list or the Facebook PPROM support group to get support from other PROM moms.

Note: PPROM and PROM are mostly called “PROM”┬áin these pages.