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51 Stories about PROM at 15 weeks

The stories where the baby survived are marked with green, the stories where the babies did not make it are marked with blue. Black means it was a pregnancy with multiples with different outcome for the babies, or that the outcome is unknown.

PROM week Delivery week PROM Days
15 weeks24 weeks. 63
My husband and I lost our little daugther right after birth on the 16th of September this year, after 24 weeks\' pregancy. Her name is Signe, which means \"a person who fight an... Read more »
15 weeks15 weeks. 1
I found out I was pg again on the 15th March 2002. I was very surprised as I have PCOS and this was entirely natural. So we were surprised but elated. At 11w4d I was booked in... Read more »
15 weeks16 weeks. 7
It was our first pregnancy; we had planned for it for years. We were ecstatic. Everything was progressing perfectly. On September 12, 2002. I walked downstairs to let the dog ... Read more »
15 weeks31 weeks. 113
At the 12 week scan the consultant noticed what might have been an enlarged bladder. I was sent to a specialist who confirmed this and advised that the bladder be drained or ... Read more »
15 weeks16 weeks. 7
The first nine weeks of my pregnancy was very normal. In my tenth week of pregnancy I notice some spotting. My doctor order an ultrasound and found everything to be normal. The... Read more »
15 weeks15 weeks & 3 days. 3 Multiples
My husband and I have been trying to build our family for about seven years now. We have undergone 6 IUIs, then 2 failed IVFs, then a surgery, then one more IVF. I was ready for... Read more »
15 weeks34 weeks. 134
I’m not sure specifically when I PROM’d but it must have happened after my first trimester screen, which was done at week 13 at UCSF. I didn’t need it but did it as a saf... Read more »
15 weeks15 weeks. 0
Hi, I wish I knew then what I know now after reading all of these stories. I had my first prom at 13 weeks with baby's heartbeat still going strong. I was advised that I would have to... Read more »
15 weeks29 weeks & 5 days. 103
Blake Michael Rose was born at 29 weeks 5 days gestation at 5.09pm on Wed 10/11/10 weighing 1.3kg, 40cm long I am 40yo, married with a 9yo son and live in Perth, Australia. I had... Read more »
15 weeks16 weeks & 6 days. 13
I had some bleeding throughout my pregnancy, but it was always explained as implantation bleeding or spotting due to a sensitive cervix. At 14 weeks, I had pink spotting that increased... Read more »
15 weeks25 weeks. 70 Multiples
I became pregnant with twins through IVF. This was my second pregnancy, my first being a healthy singleton pregnancy. Late in my first trimester I experienced some bleeding/spotting... Read more »
15 weeks28 weeks & 2 days. 93
I discovered I was pregnant in early March 2014. I didn\'t have particularly bad morning sickness, and apart from queasiness and few aches and pains everything seemed very straightf... Read more »
15 weeks35 weeks. 140
Hi everyone, For the last twenty weeks I always wondered what type of story I would write here. For the sake of myself and the sake of adding yet another hopeful story I wa... Read more »
15 weeks24 weeks. 63
We had tried 8 months to get pregnant with our second child. We were so happy to see a positive test! The pregnancy started out with problems early on. I had spotting that my ... Read more »
15 weeks15 weeks & 2 days. 1
This was my first pregnancy. I had some cramping overnight the day before my water breaking. I had brown spotting with CM the next morning (didn't know that could have been my pl... Read more »
15 weeks28 weeks & 2 days. 92 Multiples
HI. I hope my story can give you hope if you find yourself in this terrifying situation. I was pregnant with IVF twins and after quite a bit of bleeding and lots of mornin... Read more »
15 weeks39 weeks & 4 days. 171
At 15 weeks I was awakened in the middle of the night by a feeling that I was leaking urine. I got up to go to the bathroom and felt a gush of more fluid when I sat down. I still thoug... Read more »
15 weeks26 weeks & 4 days. 80
My story, I truly believe is a miracle and miracles really do happen. I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. At 15 weeks, I woke up in the morning to feel something wet... Read more »
15 weeks & 2 days36 weeks. 145
At around 9 weeks I developed a cold which turned into bronchitis. I had this for 6 weeks. I was 15 weeks 2 days and started to notice that maybe the leaking I had when I coug... Read more »
15 weeks & 2 days22 weeks. 47 Multiples
I was diagnosed with PCOS and after two years of trying, my husband and I conceived twins by artificial insemination in July. Our first ultrasound at seven weeks showed three ... Read more »
15 weeks & 2 days15 weeks & 5 days. 3
I remember when the moment I saw the positive sign on the hpt...I laughed and cried at the same time. Almost a year prior I lost my daughter at 20 weeks for reasons I'll never know... Read more »
15 weeks & 2 days39 weeks & 2 days. 168
Like many women on this site I often thought what would the outcome be of my pregnancy, specially on those first weeks after prom, where every doctor we talked to, would advise to termi... Read more »
15 weeks & 2 days15 weeks & 4 days. 2
I had a little bit of fever and headache on Monday. Then I had a tiny blood on Wednesday night like 10.00 pm. At 1.00 am. The same night I felt a little fluid was coming, I went to the ... Read more »
15 weeks & 3 days29 weeks & 4 days. 99 Multiples
I was pregnant with identical triplets and suffered from atrocious morning sickness. By my 15th week, I was just becoming adjusted to the idea that we had triplets and was begin... Read more »
15 weeks & 3 days32 weeks & 6 days. 122 Multiples
We found out very early on that we were having twins. At my first exam at 6 weeks I had high blood pressure & was "larger" than i should have been for 6 weeks, so I went for an earl... Read more »
15 weeks & 3 days25 weeks & 2 days. 69
3:30 Saturday morning Jan. 13, 2007 i awoke from a dead sleep to several huge gushes of clear amniotic fluid. I ran to the bathroom and emptied my bladder before calling my OBGY... Read more »
15 weeks & 3 days38 weeks & 2 days. 160
At 15 weeks, my wife woke me at 3:00am with the words ‘something’s wrong’. Turning on the light, I saw the outline of a large amount of fluid on the bed sheet. I... Read more »
15 weeks & 3 days25 weeks & 2 days. 69
I pProm\'ed at 15w3d on July 6,2011. All I felt was a small bubble-like burst down there and a gush of water come out. I took. Another step and more water came out. I thought I had los... Read more »
15 weeks & 3 days17 weeks. 11
I went in for my first appointment with my OB at 12 weeks. The evening before, I began experiencing some discharge with a pale pink color. I told my OB of this and she performed some ... Read more »
15 weeks & 3 days32 weeks & 2 days. 118
Wow what a great website. I had PROM 3 1/2 years ago and I could not find any information at that stage about it, which was really distressing. My waters broke at 15 weeks pregnant an ... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days23 weeks. 52
I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at age 27 even though it first developed at age 22. My husband and I had tried for several years to have children and could not... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days32 weeks & 6 days. 121 Multiples
In July 2002, my husband and I found out we were pregnant. Because we had been taking fertility medicine, we knew there was an increased chance of multiples, so we did an early ... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days34 weeks & 5 days. 134
I had spotting for two weeks early in the first trimester. All seemed to be well at week 15 when my membranes ruptured while I was just hanging out at the beach with our childr... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days28 weeks & 3 days. 90 Multiples
I went to the ER when I first noticed the leak at 15 weeks - I was terrified and worried that my water had broken, but they sent me home. I think they thought I had wet my pants... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days16 weeks & 3 days. 6
I had been experiencing a lot of lower back pain for about two weeks before my water broke at 15 weeks, 4 days. When I contact the doctor on call (it was the middle of the nigh... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days28 weeks & 6 days. 93
WILLIAM, born after PPROM 15+4w and 21w. I want to tell my story of a miracle- boy that made it!! I have had 3 PPROM-pregnancies, in 2004, 2005 and 2006. My baby-boy... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days34 weeks & 4 days. 133
I really don't know where to start my story. My husband and I got married in November 2006 and then set off overseas 4 days later on the last of our travels for awhile. Honeymooned ... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days16 weeks & 5 days. 8
Back in August, I had a m/c at 5 weeks. It started at the gym, really not fun. We (obviously) had to leave very quickly. I went to the doc to get checked out, she wasn't sure... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days29 weeks. 94
On a Sunday night in early March, I was sitting at my computer, minutes after having had an orgasm. I had to pee, and was about to get up to go, when I felt the gush. It felt ... Read more »
Alla & John
15 weeks & 4 days17 weeks & 4 days. 14
Though at this moment my wife is emotionally not yet able to calmly write her/our story, we both believe that it somehow is important to get it posted as fast as possible. Even ... Read more »
15 weeks & 4 days31 weeks & 5 days. 113 Multiples
My water broke with baby A at 15weeks and 4 days. Baby B and baby C weren't ruptured. We were advised to wait a day and more than likely we'd be in labor and have to deliver. We... Read more »
15 weeks & 5 days23 weeks & 6 days. 57 Multiples
3 months later I feel I can tell our story. We found out I was pregnant with twins, a total surprise. Everything was going well until one night I woke up with water running do... Read more »
15 weeks & 5 days16 weeks. 2
I had PROM at 15 weeks last week. 2 days before I had a gush of blood and then a little spotting. It stopped . So I went to the doctor and he sent me for an ultrasound two days ... Read more »
15 weeks & 5 days18 weeks. 16
After 5 rounds of IVF and 2 previous pre 12 week miscarriages (both of healthy genetically normal foetuses - one boy Oct 2009, one girl June 2010), I finally thought it was my turn for ... Read more »
15 weeks & 6 days16 weeks & 4 days. 5
My water broke December 23, 2004, at 15w6d. My doctor told me not to hold out hope, that it was possible for the tear to repair itself and I could regain fluid. This would usual... Read more »
15 weeks & 6 days17 weeks & 3 days. 11
Hi, I just felt that I needed to share this experience with others that have shared these desperate feelings. This was a very much wanted pregnancy after 10 attempts at IVF ... Read more »
15 weeks & 6 days16 weeks & 3 days. 4
The baby was 15 weeks 6 days on sept 3rd when this all started. I had a very normal pregnancy up until this point. No bleeding no problems whatsoever. It was so unexpected. 3:... Read more »
15 weeks & 6 days16 weeks. 1 Multiples
We finally got preg after 2 long rounds of ivf. And then to find out it was twins. The preg started bleeding from positive beta with subchrionic bleeds. Finally things were going great... Read more »
15 weeks & 6 days24 weeks & 4 days. 61
I had gone though the loss of a baby in a previous pregnancy due to premature birth at 20 weeks, so when I found out I was pregnant this time, I was ecstatic but also very anxious. My ... Read more »
15 weeks & 6 days29 weeks & 6 days. 98
I have been so excited to see how our story would end up on here!i seriously read every story on this website praying that mine would have a good outcome. This was our first pregnancy a... Read more »
15 weeks & 6 days26 weeks & 3 days. 74
At 15 weeks and 6 days pregnant, while taking a nap, my water broke. Up until this point, I had experienced 2 bleeds, but each ultrasound at the high risk perinatal doctor showed the ba... Read more »