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85 Stories about PROM at 17 weeks

The stories where the baby survived are marked with green, the stories where the babies did not make it are marked with blue. Black means it was a pregnancy with multiples with different outcome for the babies, or that the outcome is unknown.

PROM week Delivery week PROM Days
17 weeks17 weeks. 0 Multiples
Its only been 12 days since I had PROM at 17 weeks. I delivered two beautiful baby girls (Elizabeth and Sydney who now are my little angels). I have so many questions, they all ... Read more »
17 weeks24 weeks. 49 Multiples
My husband and I decided I would go off birth control in March 1998. He had lung surgery in May 1998, while he was in the hospital I started having morning sickness, but chalked... Read more »
17 weeks33 weeks & 6 days. 118 Multiples
My DH and I had to go through IVF to get pregnant, and when we found out we were pregnant we were so happy - when we learned we were having twins, we were absolutely ecstatic!! ... Read more »
17 weeks36 weeks. 133 Multiples
Hello! My baby girl was born under the most amazing circumstances. I was diagnosed with acardiac twins. In order to save my healthy twin, I had to have a special procedure.... Read more »
17 weeks28 weeks. 77 Multiples
I am so glad i found this website so I can give hope to other moms with PROM. I was pregnant with twins and had PPROM on one twin at 17 weeks. The doctors were very pessimistic ... Read more »
17 weeks20 weeks & 3 days. 24
I had previously lost my baby boy through miscarriage at 15weeks - for an unknown reason. I went on to then have my daughter through a stressful but uneventful pregnancy. ... Read more »
17 weeks25 weeks. 56
I am writing this story to tell other readers to keep their faith focused on the Lord during the time PROM occurs to the end of your pregnancy. This site was really comforting t... Read more »
17 weeks26 weeks & 5 days. 68 Multiples
My story begins last Sept. When we found out I was pregnant. We were so excited because I had a miscarriage one year prior. We went for an ultrasound to find out I was having ... Read more »
17 weeks19 weeks. 15
My second late miscarriage, happened 10 weeks ago, since Daniel I had another early m/c. Then took 6 months to fall for Stephen. I was naturally anxious but when questioned the ... Read more »
17 weeks37 weeks & 5 days. 145
My waters broke at 17 weeks, I was admitted to hospital, put on IV antibiotics, and put on strict bedrest. I thought I had lost my baby. I was told the chances of survival wer... Read more »
17 weeks24 weeks. 50
At 11 weeks my pregnancy started having alot of complications. I was going on vacation this past 4th of July and my doctor said it was no problem to go on a 10 hour drive as l... Read more »
17 weeks23 weeks. 42
It has been almost six months since we lost our son, and I am now ready to tell our story. In June of 2003, at 17 weeks pregnant, I was told by a genetic counselor that my adva... Read more »
17 weeks17 weeks. 0
It is the one month anniversary since I lost my baby and I am finally getting around to posting my story. My membrane broke at the mall while I was sitting down eating. Like so... Read more »
17 weeks33 weeks & 3 days. 115 Multiples
I was 16 weeks when i found out i was pregnate with twins and they saw that my twins were identical twins with there own sacks, and they had twin to twin transfusion syndrome. b... Read more »
17 weeks33 weeks & 2 days. 114
I awoke at 2am to feel my waters gushing out. I knew something was wrong, phoned delivery suite who told me to get to Emergency dept. There I was told I was about to miscarry, ... Read more »
17 weeks28 weeks. 77
While I was on bedrest I read these stories over and over hoping that one day I would be able to post my happy story. I am delighted to say (after some rough spots) I can! ... Read more »
17 weeks17 weeks & 2 days. 2
I still do not understand what exactly had happened. It was a much awaited pregnancy and I had slight pinkish spotting right from the implantation time which continued intermitt... Read more »
17 weeks17 weeks. 1
I hope this story helps someone out there. This was my first pregnancy, I was 38 years old. Everything was going perfectly. NO morning sickness, no problems at all except f... Read more »
17 weeks39 weeks & 4 days. 158
I had a very normal pregnancy up until I had an AFP test come back with high % risk for Down Syndrome. My doctor recommended that I get an amniocentisis even though I am only 29... Read more »
17 weeks29 weeks & 5 days. 89
At 17 weeks, I was visiting my sisters in Phoenix and my brother-in-law (massage therapist) gave me a body massage. He was not specifically trained in pregnancy massage, and I ... Read more »
17 weeks18 weeks. 7
with my third pg(one mc and one ectopic) i was thriled to get past 12 know the critical time. I had a 3D Ultra sound done @15 weeks bc im an insulin dependent diabetic ... Read more »
17 weeks30 weeks. 91 Multiples
My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year-in-a- half. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, so after a lap. and drugs to help me ovulate, we we... Read more »
17 weeks17 weeks & 2 days. 2
My sweet Lincoln's story begain June 16 of 2006. I was 17 we pg and just knew there was a problem. The first ER I went to said nothing seemed wrong and to go home. By the next m... Read more »
17 weeks29 weeks & 6 days. 90
I started this pregnancy happyly pregnate along with my sister. From day one I had problems. I slightly bleed on and off. At 5 weeks I was told I had some bacteria build up o... Read more »
17 weeks31 weeks & 5 days. 103
If you are here searching these pages for hope and direction like I was many months ago let me pass on a little piece of wisdom that I recieved after I had Alexis and wish I had... Read more »
17 weeks19 weeks. 14
I found out I was pregnant in November of 2006, right before Thanksgiving. My husband and I weren't even trying, so I was pretty shocked when I found out I was expecting. We tol... Read more »
17 weeks29 weeks & 6 days. 90
we don't know when Prom happened to us - I have guessed at 17 weeks as that is the time the doctors presumed it happened. It could have been much earlier however we just know it wa... Read more »
Lee Anne
17 weeks22 weeks & 3 days. 38
I have a 7 year old daughter and had a great pregnancy with her, no real issues. I have since married a wonderful man and we decided to have a child together. From the very ... Read more »
17 weeks34 weeks. 119
I wanted the chance to write my story as an encouragement to others whom lost a baby to pProm. First the sad part, I experienced pPROM during my first pregnancy. I rupture... Read more »
17 weeks20 weeks & 3 days. 24 Multiples
I have a very long story. I had a complicated pregnancy from the begining. I went in for my very first appointment and I knew I had some sort of infection because I was having a greenis... Read more »
17 weeks31 weeks. 99
I hope that telling my story it will give others hope! My waters went at around 17 weeks but the doctors wouldnt belive me, they kept telling me i had wet myself,which i knew was totall... Read more »
17 weeks27 weeks & 6 days. 76
When I began leaking after an amnio at 17 weeks I, like most people on this board, was given those numbers..10% chance of making it to 24 weeks and 5% of getting much further. I was giv... Read more »
17 weeks19 weeks & 5 days. 19
Having experienced a pprom loss in the past, we did everything we possibly could during this pregnancy. I had a cerclage, we started 17P shots at 16 weeks, I stayed in a wheelchair if I... Read more »
17 weeks18 weeks. 7
Like many other people here, I discovered this website while in hospital after my PROM. Like others, I was praying and hoping for a miracle, unfortunately, it didn\'t happen for me, but... Read more »
17 weeks33 weeks. 112
My water broke at 17 weeks. It was my 5th baby and I had No idea I could still remain pregnant. I had zero measurable fluid except twice but they were only 1.6 and 1.8. My little guy w... Read more »
17 weeks33 weeks & 3 days. 115
Around 16 weeks I received a slightly high AFP test result, but was told not to necessarily worry. It could\'ve been the spotting that I was having that day of the test. At 19 weeks... Read more »
17 weeks18 weeks & 3 days. 9
Right from the beginning of my (2nd) pregnancy I didn't feel good. From 6 weeks I was spotting (pinky/brown colour) and experiencing a burning pain in my lower back. I just assu... Read more »
17 weeks19 weeks. 13
My water broke at 17 wks. One of my best friends was in labor and we were at the hospital awaiting the arrival. I went to the rest room and when I stood up, I felt a little gu... Read more »
17 weeks20 weeks. 20
I had two previous miscarriages over the last 2 and a bit years. The first - we found out at the 12 week scan and the second- at 11 weeks. After 9 mths of trying I became ... Read more »
17 weeks34 weeks. 119 Multiples
My story is special. I had Prom at 17 weeks and was told that my babies would not make it. I was put in the hospital for 2 weeks to see if I would go into labor. I did not and I... Read more »
17 weeks17 weeks & 4 days. 3
A year ago when I was 17w, during my sleep I felt a gush of water coming between my legs. I woke up in horror and woke my husband up. First I thought it was blood but soon after... Read more »
17 weeks25 weeks & 6 days. 61 Multiples
My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over 1 year and decided to move to IUI which did not result in a pregnancy. We then moved on to IVF. The first IVF did not yield a pre... Read more »
17 weeks & 2 days36 weeks. 132
After nine years of primary infertility, my wife became pregnant from our third IVF. At our Level II u/s at 15w5d, two soft markers for Down Syndrome were found and we were advi... Read more »
17 weeks & 2 days19 weeks. 12
I had just been to the doctor and had an ultrasound. Everything was normal and we found out we were having a boy. Then everything went down hill. When I was at 17 weeks I starte... Read more »
17 weeks & 2 days21 weeks & 4 days. 30
I was 17 weeks along when my water suddenly broke late in the night. I had been feeling pain earlier along with back pain but did not worry because 2 days prior was told all was... Read more »
17 weeks & 2 days19 weeks & 6 days. 18 Multiples
My name is Toni and my DH is Justin. We were married in June of 2000 and after about 10 months of marrage desided to start our family. Well after 15 months of TTCing on our o... Read more »
17 weeks & 2 days28 weeks & 3 days. 78
I was 38 at the beginning of this pregnancy, my third. I had all the prenatal blood tests used for screening of genetic disorders. Most of these tests came back abnormal and ... Read more »
17 weeks & 2 days25 weeks. 55 Multiples
I wondered for months how my PROM story would end. I went to this web site often during my ordeal and it gave me a lot of information and hope. I hope that some day our story ... Read more »
17 weeks & 2 days25 weeks & 5 days. 59
My pregnancy began with an SCH and complete placenta previa that caused nearly constant bleeding from weeks 4 through 15.5. Finally, after trying to be on modified bed rest (with three... Read more »
17 weeks & 3 days38 weeks & 3 days. 147
This is our story....but first you must know some history. My first pregnancy was a normal pregnancy until 27 weeks at which point I was found to have an incompetent cervix. I s... Read more »
17 weeks & 3 days41 weeks. 165
During a routine visit to the hospital my husband and I were informed that our baby was at a high risk of having downs syndrome and I was advised to have and amnio. At 17 w... Read more »
17 weeks & 3 days23 weeks. 40
My little angel Emily has gone to heaven yesterday on Jan 30, 2004. It was a girl I always wanted to have a girl. I had a big car accident that I was lucky to survivied... Read more »
17 weeks & 3 days30 weeks & 5 days. 93
I started having light bleeding in the 14th week of my first pregnancy and it continued spontaneously. I lost a large blood clot during this time and was told to take bedrest, w... Read more »
17 weeks & 3 days29 weeks. 82
My husband and I were so excited to be pregnant with our first baby! It was a normal day. I hadn't done much all day and was looking forward to a nice dinner with my family. I had ... Read more »
17 weeks & 3 days18 weeks & 4 days. 8
I have had 3 PPROM pregnancies. Vetle was my second.... I started bleeding in week 6 this time.... Had a hematoma which didnt go away... i had several HUGE gushes of bl... Read more »
17 weeks & 3 days19 weeks & 4 days. 15 Multiples
It was one month ago today that we lost our babies. In early July, I was 17 weeks and 2 days pregnant with our twins when I noticed a slightly watery discharge. I worried ... Read more »
17 weeks & 3 days17 weeks & 3 days. 0
I lost our son on the 17th of April 2010, i woke up about 4am on the saturday morning feeling a really strange sensation in my abdomen , so i went down to the toilet thinking my... Read more »
17 weeks & 3 days27 weeks & 3 days. 70
When we found out we were expecting our second child we were so happy! I was a little nervous because I had experienced an early loss before. At our 12 week ultrasound we were given som... Read more »
Hugues And Anne
17 weeks & 3 days30 weeks. 89
Our Little Miracle boy. It was around 15th of December 2015, and my wife called from her work telling me she felt water in her panties. She went to the hospital right away to have some... Read more »
17 weeks & 4 days26 weeks & 4 days. 63 Multiples
My first pregnancy could not have been more uneventful. We did use IUI to get pregnant, but after that everything was a breeze, including the delivery. My second pregnancy c... Read more »
17 weeks & 4 days36 weeks & 5 days. 134
I woke up in the middle of the night during my 17th week to a gush of water and called the doctor who sent me to the hospital. They did an ultrasound and found I lost alot of f... Read more »
17 weeks & 4 days32 weeks & 3 days. 104
After experiencing PROM with my daughter at 32 weeks, I had been advised that I had a 50% chance of PROM'ing again with subsequent pregnancies. My doctor also surmised that t... Read more »
17 weeks & 4 days19 weeks & 6 days. 16 Multiples
My story with a heart breaking ending. I am sharing to help others who may be searching for someone who has experienced the same as them. I had a twin pregnancy through IVF and at 1... Read more »
17 weeks & 4 days19 weeks. 11
I\'ve had two previous miscarriages. One at 8 weeks due to a blighted ovum and at 4 weeks which was a chemical pregnancy. Everything was fine during my third pregnancy. The only thing I... Read more »
17 weeks & 4 days19 weeks & 4 days. 14
I was 17.5 weeks with my baby Isaac when my water broke. It was right before Christmas. I went home on complete bedrest. I went in for a scan on December 30, exactly 2 weeks after the... Read more »
17 weeks & 5 days17 weeks & 5 days. 0
My pregnancy started out with tons of problems. First, I had a major bleed at 13 weeks. I then continued to spot brown blood after that because I was diagnosed with early placen... Read more »
17 weeks & 5 days34 weeks & 6 days. 120
I was 17 weeks into my third pregnancy (first two pregnancies were normal and normal deliveries) and I was feeling great. I had worked that day and rushed home to change and take... Read more »
17 weeks & 5 days27 weeks. 66 Multiples
After 7 years, 2 surgeries, 4 inseminations and an IVF/ICSI cycle, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with twins! We were so excited and had the perfect 1st 12 ... Read more »
17 weeks & 5 days21 weeks. 24 Multiples
My husband Jacob & I started trying to get pg in Oct. 2003, just a few months after our July wedding. We wanted to start right away since I had problems four years earlier with... Read more »
17 weeks & 5 days32 weeks. 101
Well, I am actually excited to share my story. I want to share hope with those of you who seek it on this website. I remember reading these stories over and over again seeking hop... Read more »
17 weeks & 5 days32 weeks & 6 days. 106
I had prom at 17 weeks 5 days. I was advised to terminate my pregnancy. I had less than 5. most of the time sometimes down to not even 1. i was home on bed rest untill 32 weeks ... Read more »
17 weeks & 5 days19 weeks & 2 days. 11
I had a Dr's appointment the day after I PROM'd and was told there was no amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. I was devastated, as I never suspected my membranes had broken. ... Read more »
17 weeks & 5 days37 weeks & 2 days. 137
Background information: After a year of trying to get pregnant we conceived Oct 2009. I was on Clomid and started Progesterone suppositories immediately. I kept having pink spottin... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days18 weeks & 2 days. 3
This week I am morning the lost of my second child to PROM, but this time I blame my doctors lack of support and my failure to fight the treatment I was receiving. I lost the f... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days34 weeks. 114
After 5 years of trying,lots of fertilely drugs and 4 artificial inseminations (this one being our last attempt) to have a baby we were elated to find out on Easter 2000 we wer... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days18 weeks. 1
On Thursday, September 9, 2004, we got the amnio results that my husband and I were having a healthy baby boy. I told the OB that I had been having some mild cramping over the ... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days18 weeks. 1
This was my second pregnancy and my husband and I were elated that we had made it past the 1st trimester as my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks. I was 17 weeks 2 ... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days21 weeks & 6 days. 28 Multiples
Hello everybody, my name is Jubeda, i got prgnant with twins when i was 19 years old and me and my husband were both excited, We knew we were both young (both 19) and we knew th... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days23 weeks & 4 days. 40
In June Mike and I had decided that it was the right time to try to have a baby. It did not take long for us to become pregnant. By mid July I discovered I was pregnant. We were bot... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days22 weeks & 2 days. 31
PROM result after Amniocentesis... My son, C.J., was born on December 7th, 2006. He was 1 lb and 11 inches. His EDD was April 11, 2007. He was the most beautiful and per... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days19 weeks. 8
Background: I'm 43 and still childless, despite trying for a baby for most of the last 10 years. All 3 of my pregnancies have been lost to miscarriage - the first (3 yrs ago), ... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days19 weeks & 2 days. 10
Hi, I’m Michelle and I guess my story is very similar to many of the others I’ve read on the site. We found out we were pregnant in June and were so excited. Then I experience... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days22 weeks & 6 days. 35
One Saturday morning I spent the morning sitting on the couch playing on the computer...well, I decided to go finally take a shower...I was just stepping into the bath tub when I ha... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days18 weeks & 3 days. 4
I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who was born at 37 weeks. It was a wonderful pregnancy and we conceived her within the first month of trying. When she was a year old we decid... Read more »
17 weeks & 6 days30 weeks & 6 days. 91
This site was my life-line almost 3 years ago... On December 5th 2007, I woke up early to my 5 yo crying crying. I went in to check on her. As I came back to bed, I felt wet... Read more »