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28 Stories about PROM at 27 weeks

The stories where the baby survived are marked with green, the stories where the babies did not make it are marked with blue. Black means it was a pregnancy with multiples with different outcome for the babies, or that the outcome is unknown.

PROM week Delivery week PROM Days
27 weeks27 weeks & 4 days. 4
Five AM Sunday: I woke up to a \"wet feeling\", but wasn\'t sure if it was my water. So I went back to bed, heart racing like crazy. I tried to sleep, but couldn\'t until I felt... Read more »
27 weeks28 weeks. 7
My first pregancy with my daughter was difficult from the beginning.The morning sickness was so bad that at one point I couldn\'t even keep down water, and had to be rehydrated ... Read more »
27 weeks29 weeks. 14
I\'ve had 2 preemies, both born at 29 weeks. My older son is now three years old and perfect. He truly is smart, handsome and charming! He was born early due to a possible inc... Read more »
27 weeks29 weeks. 14
My Name is Hilary. My first baby was a FT, 8 pound boy. Needless to say, I was quite shocked when 27 weeks into my second pregnancy, I experienced PROM while rising from bed ... Read more »
27 weeks30 weeks & 3 days. 24
This was a known high risk pregnancy because I was on bloodthinner due to previous thrombosis in my first pregnancy, and have a hereditary clotting disorder. On top of that I ha... Read more »
27 weeks34 weeks. 49
My husband and I tried to concieve for 8 long years before our success with our 3rd IVF. My pregnancy was never horribly uncomfortable, in fact I was only sick one time, I rarel... Read more »
27 weeks27 weeks & 5 days. 5
I had M/C in Aug 1987 and waiting the normal 3 months to get pg again. I did get pg immediately. I never had any m/s. I was gaining weight normally. I felt wonderful. I did no... Read more »
27 weeks30 weeks & 3 days. 24
It was 12/31 and I was 27 weeks and I woke up from a sound sleep at 2:00am thinking I wet the bed. It was my first baby so I figured it was normal. I went to the bathroom, c... Read more »
27 weeks28 weeks. 8
Hello all, I was getting my hair done one Thursday afternoon in my 27th week, and I got up to leave and GUSH... a huge puddle of water was dripping on the floor beneath me.... Read more »
27 weeks32 weeks. 35
I woke up at three A.M. soaking wet. I had been tired and not feeling well when I went to bed and thought maybe I had broke a fever and was sweating. Got up to use the bathroom ... Read more »
27 weeks28 weeks & 3 days. 10
My previous pregnancy was high-risk for cervical incompetence. I went through the whole bed rest, cerclage, home monitoring, hospitalizations, and terb pump. I had my daughter a... Read more »
27 weeks34 weeks. 50
This was a miracle pregnancy for us. I was born with a unicorniate uterus and an abnormally shaped cervix. We went through many years of fertility treatments, many procedures,... Read more »
27 weeks31 weeks & 6 days. 34
When I was admitted to the hospital on bed rest at 27 weeks I came across this site. It gave me some peace of mind to read others story and gave me hope as we entered a world w... Read more »
27 weeks28 weeks & 6 days. 13 Multiples
I was pregnant with twins (each in a different sac) and I started leaking amniotic fluid at 27 wk 0 days. My doctor told me to have bed rest at home and was hoping that the tear would ... Read more »
27 weeks36 weeks. 62
My water broke at 27 weeks, after a swimming outing with my toddler and his friends. When I went to the hospital, I was told that I would be there “for the duration,” that ... Read more »
27 weeks & 2 days28 weeks. 6
My water broke on Sep 27, 2003 at 2:00 am, and I new it right away. Because in my last pregnacy my water broke at 19 weeks and and I delived a still born at 23 week. I have bee... Read more »
27 weeks & 2 days27 weeks & 6 days. 4
I walked out of a store at night when I was 27 wks, 2 days pregnant with my second son (my full-term son was then 8 1/2), and I felt a gush that I hoped was urine, but I kind of... Read more »
27 weeks & 2 days27 weeks & 4 days. 2
We were away on holiday for a weekend when PROM occurred at 4am, for no apparent reason, when I was 27 weeks preg. We drove to the nearest hospital, which was a small country hospi... Read more »
27 weeks & 2 days28 weeks & 5 days. 10
I got pregnant with my sixth child in 2008.Everything was normal ,but at 16 wks I had some spotting only for a day then when i was 27wks i had pain when i went to hospital they ... Read more »
27 weeks & 4 days29 weeks & 4 days. 14
Hi My name is jen and I have a FT son named troy who just turned 4. I am also mom to Hope Elizabeth who is 14 months. Hope was born at 29 weeks 4 days gestation after PPROM at 2... Read more »
27 weeks & 5 days35 weeks & 5 days. 56
My water broke at the end of my 27th wk. I was admitted to the hospital and was hooked up to monitor contractions and the baby. Much to my surprise I was contracting, but over... Read more »
27 weeks & 5 days28 weeks. 2 Multiples
Hi Everyone, The brief story of my life is ..... My twins were born on 31st Jan 2004 at 28 weeks gestation...... I had a sudden spotting one morning 4-5 days before....i sho... Read more »
27 weeks & 5 days29 weeks & 2 days. 11
I had a very normal pregancy until my 26 weeks glucose test when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I started a diabetic diet right away and two days later didn't feel r... Read more »
27 weeks & 5 days27 weeks & 6 days. 1
Caroline was our third child. Our older two were also born premature due to first was born at 31 weeks and my second at 29 weeks. With Carrie my water broke at 27... Read more »
27 weeks & 5 days29 weeks & 3 days. 12
I had fluid leaking after returning to bed after using the washroom at 6am. I thought that was odd. Not a lot, but I just peed, so it couldn\'t be that. Little bits continued to leak... Read more »
27 weeks & 6 days28 weeks & 2 days. 3
After being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome we knew that we were in for a hard battle to fall pregnant. In November 1998 I underwent an ovarian wedge resection were th... Read more »
27 weeks & 6 days28 weeks. 1
Hi my name is kadie and i was pregnent at 27 weeks with my daughter and i was playing cards with a bunch of friends and it ws summer at the time i was wearing gray shorts and my... Read more »
27 weeks & 6 days28 weeks & 4 days. 5
Our first pregnancy! We were excited, scared and anxious to have our little one with us. After spotting at week 6 and bleeding at week 14, we were finally enjoying the pregnanc... Read more »