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17 Stories about PROM at 31 weeks

The stories where the baby survived are marked with green, the stories where the babies did not make it are marked with blue. Black means it was a pregnancy with multiples with different outcome for the babies, or that the outcome is unknown.

PROM week Delivery week PROM Days
31 weeks31 weeks & 5 days. 5
With my second pregnancy I was only pregnant with one baby and my water broke at 31 weeks. My water broke on a Friday and I delivered on the next Wednesday. Those couple of days... Read more »
31 weeks33 weeks. 14
I had bleeding off and on through entire pregnancy starting at 6 weeks. When I PROMed at 31 weeks, I wasn\'t sure that is what had happened. I was put in the hospital, where I ... Read more »
31 weeks35 weeks. 28
My water broke in bed on October 3rd, 1999...I wasn\'t due until December 5th. I was admitted in the hospital and kept on strict bedrest, when I had to get up I would lose more ... Read more »
31 weeks31 weeks & 5 days. 5
I'm sharing my/our story in hopes of healing not at the loss of a child but the loss of a pregnancy which ended abruptly and that has left me emotionally messed up. I'm... Read more »
31 weeks32 weeks. 7
I was pregnant with my 3rd child and expected to have another uneventful pregnancy. It wasn't to be... After a day at the swimming pool with my 2 younger children I came home a... Read more »
31 weeks36 weeks & 3 days. 38
I had the perfect pregnancy,no problems at all. When I was 31 weeks I had wetness in my underwear for 3 days. Alot actually now that I think about it. But I was on my first preg... Read more »
31 weeks31 weeks & 5 days. 5
This was my first pregnancy and i was so excited.We had been trying for a year and finally we were expecting!.The pregnancy was going great other than a little scare at 7 week... Read more »
31 weeks32 weeks & 2 days. 8
At 30weeks I went into labor. I went into L&D and they got the contractions stopped. On the monitor her heart rate was dropping around 80bpm, but the dr.'s didnt do anything be... Read more »
31 weeks31 weeks & 3 days. 2
I am currently pregnant after experiencing PROM at 31 weeks with my first pregnancy. During my first pregnancy I was told that everything was going along perfectly, but at 31 ... Read more »
31 weeks & 2 days32 weeks. 6
For the first 28 or so weeks of my pregnancy, things were going well. Then I lost my mucus plug at about 28 weeks. I called my OB and was told not to worry and what I should wat... Read more »
31 weeks & 2 days31 weeks & 4 days. 2 Multiples
Hi. My name is Alison and I'm currently 32. My history is long and complicated, but the basic story is that I underwent infertility treatments for 2years, during which time, w... Read more »
31 weeks & 2 days33 weeks & 6 days. 18
My husband and I had 6 children already before I got pregnant, and we had decided we weren't going to have anymore. Partly because I have really bad hyperemesis with my pregna... Read more »
31 weeks & 2 days32 weeks & 6 days. 11
At 31 weeks and 2 days, I felt a gush of fluid after standing up at my desk at work. I was hoping it was just urine, but it kept on coming. My doc's office had me come in and ... Read more »
31 weeks & 3 days32 weeks. 4 Multiples
My twins were conceived via IVF/ICSI May 2000. From 7 weeks till the day I delivered I suffered from severe all day and night morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum) and ... Read more »
31 weeks & 5 days32 weeks. 2
In my third pregnancy, following two full term deliveries, my water broke in the 31st week. I was hanging out in front of the TV with my 3 year old and 15 month old, when I ... Read more »
31 weeks & 5 days31 weeks & 5 days. 0
Woke to water breaking at 5:15am. Headed to hospital and contractions started in the car. I was 4 cm at initial check but they tried to stop labor unsuccessfully. One hr later I was at... Read more »
31 weeks & 6 days32 weeks & 5 days. 6
(I was being watched by a speciality doctor because of possible incompetent cervix (IC). My PPROM was not due to IC though.) It all started with Braxton Hicks (BH) contractions... Read more »